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Tamer Capital

Tamer Capital is an investment and venture development platform established within the Tamer Group aiming to turn digital and creative business ideas into large companies on a global scale. This business area called "Venture Builder".

Tamer Capital, which fulfills the requirements of the business world for the realization of entrepreneurship ideas independent from each other, acts as a "venture capital" that also makes investments in projects. It is a project house, an accelerator and an incubator where it has made all its investments.

Each venture of Tamer Capital, which started with an idea and transformed this idea into a rapidly growing project, soon gains autonomy and becomes independent businesses.

As a developer partner, the owner of the idea takes over each of Tamer Capital's ventures. While taking responsibilities such as investment, business development, financial management, legal consultancy, financial management, human resources management, brand building and marketing required for a start-up to reach its global dreams; It provides the entrepreneurial partner with the opportunity to focus only on technology and management.

This situation also saves serious time to the project. Our venture partners can rapidly develop their projects and launch the product months or even years before competition in the market occurs.

The probability of success increases considerably in our startups, which are implemented with the support of an experienced team and are rapidly invested. As you can see, Tamer Capital startups have a clear advantage over ventures funded by angel investors.

Tamer Capital's projects that take their entrepreneurship journey do not need another investment partner until they become strong companies on a global scale. Tamer Capital, which cooperates with its venture partners by creating the concept of family, does not reduce the share of the venture partner in its investments.